The Start of Something(s) New

Posted by Corrie on 12:49 PM
As we start a new journey into homeownership, we wanted to create an easy way for friends and family to follow along with our projects. Knowing not everyone has access to social media, we’ve decided to start this blog as a central place for you all to catch up on our household ups and downs, adventures and misadventures (and probably some entertaining pictures).
A little narcissistic? Perhaps. But also a great way to keep ourselves motivated to tackle one project after the next...At least for me, once I tell someone about big plans/goals/undertakings (i.e. run a marathon, create a beer recipe) I then feel accountable to achieve those things. I know that if that same someone asks me how things are progressing, I will feel guilty if I’m not on track with where I think I should be. Maybe that’s weird, or maybe it’s just my type-A personality. Either way, once the excitement of new house projects wears off - which we all know it will - I think this blog will provide some great peer-pressure-because-people-are-following-you motivation. (At least we hope people will be following us....not in the creepy stalker-outside-the-window way, of course. I think you catch the drift.)

Oh, did I mention we’ll be DIY-ing our way through everything as much as possible? That’s probably not a surprise though. We’re cheap frugal people on a tight budget and we like the satisfaction of learning new things as we go, plus the pride in accomplishing something big on our own. And we DIY a lot already...beer brewing, transportation (biking to work is kind of DIY?), d├ęcor...so we plan to cover those things as well, since we often get questions about those topics.
Feel free to subscribe to our RSS Feed, which will auto-send our new blog posts to your email/mobile device/other preferred location. That way you won’t need to navigate out to our blog site when you want to check in. Hope you come along with us for the ride!
House tour and project list coming soon...


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