She's Baaack!

Posted by Corrie on 10:00 AM
Well, after a 3 month (gasp!) hiatus, I'm finally back in blogging action. After the dealing with the dropped laptop/damaged hard drive incident, the busy summer season jumped into full swing in May with planting the garden, my birthday, college reunion, many birthday celebrations for family and friends, plus training for a 100 mile bike ride taking place next weekend and the Chicago Marathon on October 7th. Add to that a month and a half of appointments and tests to diagnose a medical problem I was having, plus many other weekend activities, and you can see why I've been absent from the blogosphere. But never fear, I've still been doing little projects in the meantime and am working on getting some posts together to share with you, specifically a little how-to on biking to work and a breakdown of projects we did for our porch makeover.

For now, I'll be heading to the dark side.

But not that one. This one.

I am FINALLY painting our master bedroom! Specifically, Antique Tin by Behr. Maybe it's just me, but I love feeling like I'm sleeping in a dark, cozy cave. I was looking for something that was navy, but muted a bit with grey so that it would more soothing and calm versus a bluer shade that might read too saturated on the walls. After the swatches had been hanging in our room for, oh, you know, only a year, I just couldn't take the mint green walls anymore. Remember this from the home tour?

Well, it should probably be labeled "Now-ish" because I couldn't wake up to the pink floral valances one more day and got rid of them long ago. However, everything else is pretty much the same (including the paint swatches). The color we picked is the top swatch on the wall. In addition to painting, I plan to do some caulking around the basboard and windows where there are some gaps, clean the trim (and possibly paint it), and switch out the bedding and window treatments. I already have a cheery, new quilt, so between that and painting, it should make a big difference until I can finish the rest. Plus, it will keep me occupied and out of the way so Darren can have some guy time while he hosts poker at our house tonight.

Let the Friday night painting extravaganza begin! I'll be back soon with updates!


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